hi! This is my Jim Breuer Page. Some of you might of noticed
that I've sort of redid the site so it looks better. I finally
learned how to make graphics and stuff on my computer. For people
who have stumbled on to this amazing page by accident Jim can be seen
on The Jim Breuer Show, the movie Half Baked, Comedy Central's
Premium Blend and Saturday Night Live.
As the Goatgirl of this page I tell you to take a look around,
check out the sounds, and sign my guestbook, look at all the pictures, read the SNL~Jim 
Breuer guide, and do all the other crazy stuff on here such as
Half Baked Quotes, Jim Breuer Show Guide, Filmography, Jim Facts, When
Jim's on tv and information on Jim's departure from SNL, plus more.
But before you do anything you have to remember 
"Don't Worry, Eat Taffy", and keep your hammer dry.  

Last updated 11/26/98:: Pages updated--Saturday Night Live, SNL Pics, and News



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