Jim Breuer on Late Night with Conan O' Brien

(Conan welcomes Jim, "Munchie Clip" from Half Baked is shown)
(audience showers Jim with applause and screams)

Conan: It's you my friend

Jim: there're some screamers

We've known you for a little while here

yeah sure

And it's funny cause, when I heard about this movie, it's a pot movie, let's
call it what it is, by the way a great pot movie.

Have you seen it yet?

No I've only seen the clips, but it's all pot related, every clip

Yeah, there's alotta pot in it

When I first heard that you were doing this movie, I remember thinking,
 and don't take this the wrong way, but I thought 'this is perfect' because
whenever I'm talking to you, it's something about your eyes, cause you always
seem a little high (Jim laughs) You really do, do you get that a lot?

My whole life, I've looked stoned my whole life, I have really heavy eyelids.
I look like Garfield or something (audience laughs) and I've always been
discriminated against it, seriously! 
I show up on the set and there're like 'Good lord, throw some chips at the 
guy, just go on the set you don't need makeup at all.'
You know like New York City. When I first moved to NY City, I'd try to
catch a cab, I could catch a cab, but I couldn't get in them. The guy would 
be like (in Taxi guy voice)'Oh no no no look at you,  you are high. You drive around all night
and you don't know where you live and-

(Conan laughs)All of which is true!

You stop at the 24 hour deli and you wanna get the food and borrow money.
You stop at the payphones, call your friends tell them you love em. I pick
up the black guy, not you.'

It's been hard for you I understand

It's been just hard

You seem to fit right into this movie though, you were sorta born with the 
cross eyed thing goin...

I got the whole eye, stoned lookin' thing, so you know, things went okay

Things are going well in your life too. I've never talked to you about this before
and you wouldn't expect this your a very young guy, but you're married

Yes, I'm married. uh...marriage marriage. See, know one cares.
(some girls in the audience scream) See that, only girls care. There the only
ones that--as soon as I got engaged, you're in trouble, not that you're in trouble
cause there's a lot of questions, there's no help when you get engaged. But when
you get engaged, first of all girls, they go nuts. They get a little gathering
and there like (girl voice)'Listen did you hear what happened?'-

Girls are like old women(laughs)

yeah, and they all start getting excited, 'I got engaged'-'Oh my god!! She got
engaged! Let me see the ring, oh my god!' You know a big circus breaks out
(makes circus noises) a big elephant 'phhh, she got engaged!' You got
midgets comin' out of cars...(audience laughs/claps)
Then you go tell your guys friends, and they're like 'you got engaged? whata Jackass'
and whats even worse is you hear that one of your friends got engaged.