Welcome to the Jim Breuer Craft Corner. When you are in desperate need of some good and plenty Jimmy, this is the place to be. If you have any great Jimmy Craft Ideas email me. Enjoy!

Sorry I haven't put up any ideas that you nice people have sent me. I'll get around to it sooner or later.

Goatboy on a Stick

Baaaaaaaa! Goatboy to the rescue! This will brighten your day.


Tape or Glue, Popsicle Stick, piece of cardboard, a printer


Step One:
Print Out this lovely black and white pic of Goatboy(print out two if you want it double sided), cut it out all pretty

Step Two:
Tape or Glue it on to a piece of cardboard

Step Three:
Take your popsicle stick and tape the cardboarded Goatboy to the top of the stick

Step Four:
Play an 80's CD and put on a "Goatboy Sings the 80's" Play

baaaaaheeaahhhhh, you got a Goatboy on a stick

Half Baked Light Switch

You know those Light Switch Plates? Well, now Jimmy can help you brighten up your day.

MATERIALS: clear Light Switch Plate, pic of Jim


Step One:

Find a store that sells clear Light Switch Plates, maybe Staples, Michael's, a store that has Office Supplies or Arts and Crafts supplies.

Step Two:

Either Print out this picture of Brian from Half Baked:

Or get you own picture of Jim and cut it so it fits into the plate.

Step Three:

Place it on your Light Switch and Tada!! You got a Jim Breuer/Half Baked Light Switch!!!