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10/20:What do you think are the most important social problems we have today?
10/26:Are you responsible for your own happiness?
9/30:Do you believe we are in control of our own lives...or do you believe we are just victums of fate?

What do you think are the most important social problems we have today?

Although today there is not as many serious social problems as there was during the Dickens Age, some important ones do excist now. The biggest problem is with the social classes. Money has caused many problems for people today. Many are on welfare, or living in the streets, some cant pay thier taxes or buy food for their families. Others have 3 houses and other useless necessities. This gap between the rich and the poor needs to be fixed. Another problem with society , also concerning social classes is overpopulation. It is getting hard er to live in big cities because of the overcrowding and all the prices rising. There is no fair way to fix this problem without causing more problems. Crime is another problem today, but crime has been around for as long as anyone can rememeber and we dont know where we would be without it. There are just so many different people on this earth and so many types of things, that problems with social classes and just living are inevitable.

Are you responsible for your own happiness?

It would be a dissapointment to know you are responsible for your own happiness. If that was proven to be true then everybody would try too hard to be happy then become frustrated and unhappy. I believe that fate has some responsiblilty to your happiness. But since it is your happiness, it would be your responsiblity to choose to be happy or not. It is your decision whether to be thankful, grateful, have high self esteem, or low self esteem. If you do something that sounds good at the time but ends up making you unhappy. That was your decision. Some might think that decisions you have no control over doesn't make you responsible, but it does. You are responisible for how you feel and act about that situation. Being happy is likeing and accepting who you are and what happens, and that is something everybody can do.

Do you belive we are in control of our own lives...or do you believe we are just victums of fate?

I would not say that we are all victums of fate. Fate does not control our entire lives. Most of the time we are in control of our lives. Certain things bring fate, I wouldn't say me sitting in my Media english class typing my Journal entry is fate. Fate is where your born, how you die, who you love, things that happen to make you happy, and so forth. Someone or something has to give us fate, I believe that God gives us fate, and has some sort of plan for everyone. So, to me, asking if you believe we are victums of fate is like asking if we believe in god. God is not in total control of our lives either. God gives us fate, and fate takes you and far as it can, then it becomes your decision. It's up to you to make fate happen. If we make all our decisions, then we are in control of our own lives. If it was fate for you to die in a car crash, then fate would of been the cause of you being just a few minutes later getting on the freeway, but it was your decision to listen to that fate, to that feeling inside you. So basically fate is apart of our lives, but does not control it.