Have you seen it? Jim Breuer's hilarious show on MTV. It aired at 5:30 p.m. and again at 1:00 a.m, during the summer of 1998, during MTV's Beach House in New Jersey. The show was all Jim Breuer. The set was in front of a little house on the boardwalk. each episode began with Jim telling a funny story, then a guest comedian would come out and do stand up, and the rest of the episode would be a sketch of one of his hilarious characters and a comedy clip. So you missed the premiere and you want to know what happend? Here's my summary of the first episode of The Jim Breuer Show.

Jim Breuer Show Pictures

"Hey that's me Jim Breuer, call me fat I'll kick your ass. But now I'm doin alright, I'm workin with people like Joe Pesci huh(in his kick ass Joe Pesci voice) wanna work with me you rat fink. I got people comin up to me and goin 'hey could you gimme just a little baaaa beehaaa' So what am I doin here at MTV? Hangin out in the summertime. So lets go hang out and go nuts huh! For Jimmy Breuer, Come on!"

Jim walks out the song "Jeremy" by Pearl Jam bein very funny. Jim starts talkin about his first car(big blue van) and how he would drive around and scream the song"you got another thing comin" by Judas Priest. He didn't have any speakers in his van so he took speakers from his house and hooked them up to his van. He talks about how his car never got damaged. Then he talks about his first girlfriend and how she went to college and said that she would see him all the time and never heard from her again. Then he talks about girls who no one wants to hear from. Then comes Missy, Missy King. Missy is angry because she couldn't go on The Daily Burn. Next comes the comiedian Jim Norton. Does his thing, sits down and talks to Jim. Then Missy is angry cause she wasn't picked for 12 Angry Viewers. Last but not least is "Breuer's Prime Cut", classic funny moments from MTV. Today's Prime Cut features Jon Stewart(also appears in Half Baked). The last "Jim Breuer is Missy King". Missy talks about how she would be perfect for The Real World, then she says that she gonna go back to being a model. Then sadly the show ends. The show is actually really shorter(longer?) then I described it. ThE eNd

Show Record-From Day one to whenever

Monday, July 13

ComedianJim Norton

CharacterMissy King


Tuesday, July 14

ComedianTed Alexandro

CharacterBeach Cop


Wednesday, July 15

Wali Collins



Thursday, July 16

Lenny Marcus

Earl Krempe(Taffy Guy)

****** Friday, July 17

Kyle Dunnigan

Jersey Suavee


Monday, July 20

Joe Matarese

Missy King


Tuesday, July 21

Jim Florentine

The Sick Show Host

****** Wednesday, July 22

Vanessa Hollingshead

Old Man Bill


Thursday, July 23

John Bush

Future Man


Friday, not shown

Saturday, July 25 (special time)

The Best of The Jim Breuer Show


Monday, July 26

At 1:00 a.m. Episode from July 13


Tuesday, July 27

Special Guest Tracy Morgan(from SNL)

Judah Friedlander

Sal Melino


July 28, 29, 30 re-runs


Monday, August 3

Tim Young

Steve, just Steve


Tuesday, August 4

Robert Kelly

Beach Cop


Wednesday, August 4

Jeff Ross

Sal Melino