*T* Thurgood-Dave Chappelle
*B* Brain-Jim Breuer
*S* Scarface-Guillermo Diaz
*K* Kenny-Harland Williams
*MJ* Mary Jane-Rachel True
*SM* Samson-??
*NN* Nasty Nate-??
*SQ* Squirell Master-Tommy Chong
*ES* Enhancement Smoker-Jon Stewart

Like the funny Quotes??*please excuse the spelling*

Have you been wondering what's on Brian's munchie list??

*B* " get some sour cream and onion dip, with some chips man, some
beef jerky, some peanut butter, get some Haagen Daaz ice cream bars
whole lotta Haagen, make sure chocolate, gotta have chocolate man,
some popcorn, big popcorn, graham crackers! graham crackers with the 
marshmellows, the little marshmellows and the little chocolate bars
and we'll make some smores man!" *S* "yeah that's what i'm sayin yo"
*B* "also celery, grape jelly, captian crunch with the little crunch 
berries, pizza's we need to big pizza's with everything on em, with 
water, whole lotta water and.... Funyuns"

*T* "you know i've heard people say they don't get high the first time 
they smoke, not me, no not us, we were really really high"

*T* "abba-zabba, you my only friend"

*K* "hey, if i'm not back in 10 minutes, call the police...hehe"
   *T* "if he ain't back in 10 minutes we callin Dominoes"

*S* "all we gotta do is raise 10% of one million, which by our 
calculations is...
   *B* "fuckin impossible man!"

*B* "i'm a professional meter hopper"(only in trailer)

*T* "you have smoked yourself retarded"

*B* "billy, good to see you man" (after he takes out billy bong thornton)

*T*"shoes off...uh brian put yours' back on"
   *S*"for real B, do your sock laundry"

*B*"hey, you smoke?" 
   *MJ*"no my grandmother died of lung cancer"
   *T* "i'm sorry to hear that"
   *B*"well that's all the more reason to toke up man, ease the pain"

*T*"miss is this your purse?"
   *T*"i'm sexy,i'm a scholar,people like me"

*NN*"man, gimme your fruit cocktail"
   *K*"well i can't, if i did that i'd have to give it to you 
everyday and, i won't get all my vitamins"
   *NN*"do you know who your dealing with!"
   *SQ*"chill Nasty Nate, he's my bitch, if anyone's gonna stab him 
it's gonna be me, problem with that?"
   *NN*"better watch your back fish. Squirell Master ain't gonna be 
there, cuz next time I come for you, I'm gonna want some cocktail, fruit!"
   *K*"take it...I'm somebody's bitch"

*K*"hey girl, ya hungary?"(to the horse)
   *lady* "fuck you nigger"
   *K*"i was talkin to the horse here.your hungary aren't cha,here,
eh eh, you like popcorn, it makes your teeth go,pop,pop,pa,pop,pop"

*SM* "I'm gonna take your little mexican friend here, and i'm gonna 
kill him"
   *S* "yo I'm cuban B!"
   *SM* "yes, cuban B"

*ES*"did you ever see the back of a $20 bill?
   *S*"nah, i don't know"
   *ES*"did you ever see the back of a $20 bill...on weed?
Oh there's some wierd shit in there man, there's a dude sittin in the 
bushes man, does he have a gun I don't know man I don't, what what
red team go, red team go, just some wierd shit man"

*S*(when he quit his job)"fuck you, fuck you, fuck you, you're cool,
and fuck you I'm out"