Jim Breuer was a cast member of Saturday Night Live from 1995-1998. He was fired on August 13, to hear more on this go to News. I would have to say Jim's most popular character was GoatBoy (hey, I named this page after him). GoatBoy is a man/goat that was created in a lab at The University of Chicago. Goatboy had his own show on MTV (not really on MTV) called "Hey, Remember the 80's!".

GoatBoy also had a brother (played by David Duchovny) who GoatBoy was reunited with on Oprah. Jim said that he created this character by going to zoos with his friends. Another popular Jim Breuer SNL charcater was Joe Pesci, he had his own show called "The Joe Pesci Show".

Som of the other hilarious Jim Breuer characters were Gunner Olsen, the rock star appearing on Weekend Update, and Jeffery Calfman, host of Issues, the show dedicated to the leagalization of marijuana. He also had small roles in the sketches Goth Talk, and the Spartan Cheerleaders. I will miss these characters, especially GoatBoy, who got me started on my love for Jim Breuer.


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Jim Breuer Appearences on SNL

Here's a guide to Jim on SNL, I don't have all the appearences but 
I have all the big ones. Actually I have found a website that is so much more
unbelievably accurate with Jim's SNL appearences, it's at the SNL Archives, click here to see it!

Here's how to read this:

David Schwimmer:Oct 95:re-enacts the time he beat up himself in a bar

Laura Leighton:Nov 95:office worker Tommy punishes himself for maing mistakes

Anthony Edwards:Dec 95:The Joe Pesci Show

Christopher Walken:Jan 96:Personifies realtionship between stomach and alchoholic beverages

Alec Baldwin: 96:The Joe Pesci Show

John Goodman:Mar 96:Joe Pesci Show

Steve Forbes:Apr 96:motorist is lectured by a bug that he hit

Christine Baranski:May 96:Goatboy album faeturing popular 80's songs

Jim Carrey:May 96:The Joe Pesci Show

Tom Hanks:Jan 97:Goatboy

Dana Carvey:Oct 96:Goatboy

Phil Hartman:Nov 96:Goatboy

Rosie O'Donnell:Dec 96:Goatboy sings x-mas carols

Kevin Spacey:Jan 97:the Joe Pesci Show

David Alan Grier:Jan 97:ex-porn stars Don Wong and Reggie Owens try a fast food career

Chevy Chase:Feb 97:Charlie Rose, Goatboy and Cowman discuss legal system

Sting:Mar 97:dislikes white power gossip of fellow Klan members Rolf and Sting

Rob Lowe:Apr 97:The Joe Pesci Show, guest real Joe Pesci and Robert DeNiro

Pamela Lee:Apr 96:Goatboy

Sylvester Stallone:Sep 97:Mickey advises Sly Stallone "less Cop Land, more Rocky"

Matthew Perry:Oct 97:Goatboy sings with Willie Nelson and Julio Inlesias

Brendan Fraiser:Oct 97:Issues

Chris Farley:Oct 97:plays Glen on Goth Talk

Rudolph Giuliani:Nov 97:The Joe Pesci Show

John Goodman:Feb 98:Emeril Legasse

Roma Downy:Feb 98:Ross Rebagliate

Garth Brooks:Feb 98:Goatboy

Scott Wolf:Mar 98:Gunner Olsen, Issues, audience member

Julianne Moore:Mar 98:Matt Damon

Steve Buscemi:Apr 98:host of "Stuff We Made"

Greg Kinnear:Apr 98:Gunner Olsen

Matthew Broderick:May 98:does Godzilla sound affects

David Duchovny:May 98:Goatboy on Oprah

Thanks to Saturday Net for this information.