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Fox Animation delivers this science fiction animated epic about a destroyed Earth after an alien attack. A survivor, an orphaned 19-year old boy named Cale (Matt Damon), must search the galaxy for ancient relics that can save the Earth. He teams with Joe Korso (Bill Pullman) and a group of renegade aliens to find the Planet Ice! Among the crew are: Drew Barrymore as a beautiful pilot, Nathan Lane as Korso's first mate, Hank Azaria as the ship's navigator and Jim Breuer as the Cook. Lena Olin, John Leguizamo, Jim Breuer, and Janeane Garofalo provide voices. Directed by Art Vitello. Previously called Planet Ice. (Fox Family)

Here is a transcript of the Directors Commentary of Jim Breuers Character, The Cook.

Gary Goldman: "This cockroach I thought, the cook, was a very funny character. There was discussion at one time about keeping him in the picture, that he could be a very fun entertaining character through at the whole movie being pretty much an irritant to the character Cale and Korso. I think the election to actually destroying him at the end of the scene was to really sell the idea that the dredj are not totally inept and the fact that they will kill to get to the thier prey which is Cale."

Don Bluth: "Another thing too is you'll be kinda glad that he shoots him cuz his voice is annoying.(laughs) So he drives you mad when he finally shot him I would just always go yay (inaudible)"

Gary Goldman: "He alwasys reminded me a little bit of Joe Pesci in the Lethal Weapon series"

Don Bluth: "Ahhh yes"

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