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Half Baked opened January 16,1998 and made 7.7 million dollars in it's first week of release, it debued at no.6!! Jim Breuer stars in it with Dave Chappelle, Guillermo Diaz and Harland Williams. It's about four potheads, one acidentially kills an NYPD horse and goes to jail, to get the bail money (10% of $1 million!) the other three sell this weed that one stole from these scientists. I bet your wandering by now who plays who, well your questions have been answered! Jim Breuer-brian Dave Chappelle-thurgood Guillermo Diaz-scarface Harland Williams-kenny There's also some crazy cameos by Snoop doggy Dog, jon stewert, Willie Nelson, Janeane Garofalo and Bob Saget in the words of Jim Breuer "the role that will change Bob Sagets career", I think it did.

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