Here is the News Archive from when I first began a News section of this webpage(im guessing around 1999) and up until early 2001. For the newest of the news, click here.

Jim on Video: You can now purchase a video from one of Jim's stand up comedy acts! Go to and click on Merchandise to buy it, they also have shirts, hats, and thongs! Here's a description of the video from
"On December 9th, 2000, Jim Breuer exploded onto the stage at Irving Plaza with a new brand of rock n' comedy. The unsuspecting crowd of Breuer fans were blown away by this raw and powerful comedy show. And they loved every minute of it. Now you can be there the night when Jim and his band unleashed a comedy revolution."

Comics Come Home: On November 25, 2001 there will be a rerun of Comics Come Home with aired on Comedy Central awhile ago. It will air at 2:30 AM, check just in case. Its funny, watch it!

Is this even news? This isn't even news, maybe just a "fun fact", call it what you want. There is an independent film out right now called "Waking Life", its really interesting and beautiful, the whole movie is a painting. Anyways, there is a scene when the lead character is channel surfing, and he just so happens to switch right on by The Joe Pesci Show! Meaning Jim Breuer had the smallest cameo ever as a painting. See the movie, you will understand. I wonder if he even knows about it...

Two New Films Starring Jim Breuer!: Not much information has been released on these movies, but both are set to come out this year: One Eyed King and Crooked Lines both are still in production, One Eyed King will be out in limited release this May. Also, don't forget about Jim's other new movie, Open Mic!

Titan A.E. On Video and DVD!: Titan A.E., Jim's most recent film is finally available in our own homes! On November 7th, the animation movie will be available on video and DVD. You can buy it online at Or visit your local video store.

New Movie!: Jim is in a new movie! It is called Open Mic-"A poignant and disturbingly funny look at the life of a small town comedian trying to break into the big time." Jim stars as himself along with other comedians, such as Dave Chappelle, Victoria Jackson, Bob Goldthwait, Jeffrey Ross and many more. You can see the official website at The trailer is supposed to be up by July 4th. So keep checking back here for more news!

Jim on Conan: Jim Breuer appeared on Late Night with Conan o'Brien on March 21, 2000 and they are finally showing the rerun! Next Friday, July 7, 2000 Check local listings for times, although Conan is uaually after the Tonight Show with Jay Leno.

Titan A.E.: There is now a huge main website for Titan A.E. which includes the movie trailer. You need quicktime to view this site, so visit it and see what to do if you dont have Quicktime. The address is So go see it and have fun!

Dick: Dick is finally coming to video and DVD!! Well, probably just for rent on video, but thats good enough! Dick will be coming out on December 14, 1999. Go out and rent it or if you are lucky, buy it!

Comics Come Home: Jim Breuer will be appearing on "Comics Come Home" a benefit, airing on Comedy Central. its hosted by Denis Leary and other guest include Jay Mohr and Janeane Garofalo. Here are the times it will air:

Dec 19  10:00P 
Dec 20  03:00P
Dec 23  02:00A
Dec 25  05:00P
Dec 25  11:30P
Be sure to watch to see Jim!!

Titan A.E.-new page: I found a new page for Titan A.E. with no new information whatsoever, but I just thought you might wanna take a peek! Yahoo! Movies

Titan A.E. Trailer: The trailer for Jim's upcoming movie Titan A.E. appears on the videocassette for the movie "Office Space" It is a short version of the trailer, with just Matt Damon talking, but its Jims Movie so check it out. I am not sure if Office Space is out for sale or just rental. You can try purchasing it at

Click on the picture above! I'm sure Jim Breuer will be there, so dont forget to tune in and watch for Jim, and enjoy! For more information visit

Page Updates: I'm going to be out of town for 3 weeks, until August 15. So this page won't be updated for 3 weeks. But Dick is coming out August 4!! See it! I'll be checking my email though, so feel free to send me any questions or comments!

Jim on Late Show: Jim Breuer is set to be on the Late Late Show With Craig Kilborn on Wednesday July 28! That's the Late Late Show, 7/28, on CBS, 12:35 am. Or check your local listings.

Dick: Dick is almost here!!! The premiere for Dick will be on July 23, at the Motion Picture Academy in Los Angeles. I'm not sure if Jim will be there on the red carpet. But Michelle Williams, Kirsten Dunst and Dan Hedaya will be attending.

Jim's a Father!: Jim and Dee have become parents! 7 Weeks ago there new baby girl, Gabrielle was born. If you watched Conan O'Brien on Tuesday you would of seen Jim say this. Congratulations and all the luck to Jim and Dee!!!

Dick: A website for Jim's newest movie, "Dick" has been launched. I haven't found any pics of Jim, but I'm hoping they will update the site more. Click here for Dick.

Planet Ice(Titan A.E.): The final title for Planet Ice has been decided:"Titan A.E." It's a new cartoon movie from FOX Animation. A small teaser trailer for the movie has been released w/two other teasers(Anna and the King, The Beach). You can see this trailer when you see "Star Wars: Episode 1-The Phantom Menace" Once I see the trailer online I will post it. To visit the new "Titan A.E." site Click Here

the Trailer for Dick is finally out!! To view it visit Movie List and check out "Coming Soon" and the trailer for Dick will be there for you to download. I might get it up on the page sooner or later. If you want to see it in theaters I suggest going to see "Idle Hands" In other Dick news: The release date has again been moved-to August 4, 1999-let's hope the date is moved back to July 9.

Jim's New Show: The pilot taping for Jim's new FOX show was on April 29. I wasn't able to go because of the stupid, stupid age limit rule. But I know someone who did. Visit her Page: Click Here

Half Baked: Half Baked was no. 9 on the Video Sales chart for the week of April 23-29, 1999.

Mtv's Rock and Jock Baseball: MTV's Rock n' Jock baseball will be airing this Saturday(4/10) at 2:00 pm(ET). This show is supposed to have Jim in it so don't forget to watch. If you miss it don't cry because you know MTV always show's reruns of everything. Check your local listings for air times.

NEW Jim Breuer Show!: Jim might get his own sitcom! Fox will be filming a pilot for the show at Walt Disney Studios in late April. It was described as being about Life and Love on Long Island(Jim's hometown). If you live in the Los Angeles Area you might be able to get tickets to one of the tapings. For more information visit: TV Tickets.

Dick: The new release date for Dick is JULY 9, 1999.. I don't think the trailer is out but I've seen pictures in magazines- pics not containing Jim.

MTV's Rock n' Jock: Jim Breuer will be seen on MTV's Rock N' Jock, airing April 10, 1999. I have more information on this and will post it soon. Thanks to Michelle and Ashley for this info.

20th Century Fox has released some information about Jim Breuer's new movie "Planet Ice", an animated family film, in which Jim does a voice over. The movie is set to be released in the year 2000. For Fox's "Planet Ice" site, click on the logo above.

Dick: Sony Pictures has posted some information on Jim Breuer's newest movie "Dick", which is to be released on April 30, 1999 . The movie is in post-production. For information on the movie visit this link: Sony Pictures "Dick" or For more information, release dates, summary, and cast Click Here

Major Site Update: As you can tell, Goatboy! The unofficial Jim Breuer Page has gone through a huge makeover. I'm trying to make the site more organized and nice looking. So fill out the Survey and tell me what you think.

Comedy Central showing reruns of SNL: The next Generation: Just like I predicted, Comedy Central is now showing reruns of Saturday Night Live with Jim Breuer from the new seasons. From what i know they will probably be showing these new episodes all year so be ready. So far they have shown some very good episodes. To view an archive of all of Jim's major SNL appearences visit my SNL Page. These air weekdays at 6:00 p.m and 12:00 a.m., or check your local listings. You can also visit and click on showtimes or tv listings.

Half-Baked finally available to own!: After months of waiting Half-Baked is in stores to own. It's not that easy to find, but i don't suggest video stores such as Blockbuster Video, because they didn't carry that many copies so they probably don't have many to sell. Of Course you can always purchase the video online at

Planet Ice date changed: The release date for the movie "Planet Ice" which Jim Breuer is doing the voice for has been changed to 2000. Here is a quote from The internet movie database on the reason: "Original director Art Vitello and several crew members have been laid off; Fox is expected to make an announcement about the film's status soon." When I find out about the film's status i will post it on this page.

Jim Breuer on Total Request! Today(10/22/98) Jim was on Total Request on MTV. Unfortunately it was Backstreet Boys day so all the people were there to see them but there was a few people holding signs about Jim Breuer (whoever that was email me) Jim also announced all this new stuff he's doing. Some things he mentioned were: an album, maybe a sitcom, Dick(which we already knew about), a new film and TV project, and writing a movie(supposedly called Love Shack) Jim also said that he likes Hole. If you live in the New York area, maybe you can go see Jim at the "Comic Relief" Halloween Bash at the Roxy, on October 27. Which was also mentioned. Also Jim mentioned a tour with Pete Correlie(sp?). But I'm not sure if thats what he said. If you read this before 9:00pm you can still catch total request.

Watch Comedy Central this Week!!!: All this week (9/28-10/2) Comedy Central is showing reruns of Saturday Night Live from the new season, that means Jim Breuer will be on it! Their showing the episodes that have the Roxbury Guys in honor of "A Night at the Roxbury" opening Oct. 2

August 28, 1998-Happy Anniversary Jim and Dee!!: On Premium Blend Jim mentioned that August 28th was his anniversary, I think this is there 5th anniversary.

Here's another artical about Jim leaving SNL from NY Daily News, you won't see it right away but it's there: 'SNL' Gets His Goat

Planet Ice: Jim's next movie "Planet Ice" is said to be released November 1, 1999. I found a site about it, click the heading.It's a cartoon, Jim will be doing a voiceover along with Hank Azaria (The Simpsons), Matt Damon(Saving Private Ryan) and Drew Barrymore among others. Another Jim movie is "Dick" also opening in 1999, also starring Will Ferrell, Harry Shearer, Ana Gasteyer and others.

JIM BREUER TO LEAVE SNL!!!!: Here is an artical from Mr. Showbiz about Jim's Departure: Changes Afoot at SNL

According to E! News Daily Jim Breuer was fired from Saturday Night Live. I am crying right now, it can't be true. I knew that his MTV Show could only cause trouble, MTV sucks. Here is all the info from E!: "In other TV News, word tuesday that castmember Jim Breuer has been fired from Saturday Night Live, sources say that Breuer was let go over a dispute about his new MTV Show"

Here's more from E! Online: "Saturday Night" Shuffle

Watch SNL this Weekend!! This Saturday(8/8/98) is the Scott Wolf episode. This has many great appearences by Jim Breuer. Some sketches he will be in are Issues, Mary Kathrine Gallager(TGIFridays), the opening monolouge and the coolest, Gunner Olsen(much like "Steve, just Steve"). Be sure to watch it because it is a rerun and they won't show it again. But they might show some sketches in the best of 1998 show. That's far from now, you don't want to wait that long. So watch Saturday Night Live at 11:30 p.m. on NBC

Half Baked on Video!

Half Baked is finally on video!!! But only on rental, but it was still really cool! At the beginning there's a thing for the soundtrack and it show's clips from the Bloodhound Gang's video "Along Comes Mary".

New Jim Breuer Show on MTV!!! It's official, Jim Breuer's new show on MTV premiere's on July 13 at 5:30 p.m., I saw a commercial for it and it looks hilarious. I also saw Jim on the Carson Daly show(sell out) and he said it will premiere on the 13. Thanks to for informing me that MTV wasn't lying.

Goatboy has a Brother!!

If you saw the David Duchovny episode you have realized that Goatboy
has been reunited with his long lost brother GoatBoy 2 on the Oprah 
show. Here is who played who:
Jim Breuer-Goatboy
Dave Duchovny-Goatboy 2
Tim Meadows-Oprah Winfrey

In Other Jim news...

Jim is currently the host of the new show on Comedy Central, 
Premium Blend. A new episode airs each week on Saturdays at
11:00 p.m.

He is also on Comedy Central saying "Hi I'm Jim Breuer and
you're watching Comedy Central" during the commercials. 

Jim is also in commercials for Premium Blend.

A while ago he starred on Pulp Comics. It's not airing anymore
but luckly I got it on tape. It was hilarious. If you saw him 
on Conan O' Brain, Pulp Comics has a lot of stuff from that too. 
I'm sorry if you missed it.

I don't know if anyone cares but on SNL tonight(Sat. 5/30) it's a rerun and it
has Jim Breuer doing impressions of Ross Rebagliati and Emeril Legasse.

If you have any Jim Breuer news please email me. Thanks.